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Samantha Schmuck of Revived Living Shares Top 3 Tips for a Summer Well Lived

Health Coach and Entrepreneur Shares Tips for Living it Up in Our Favorite Season

Samantha Schmuck

Meet your new health coach, Samantha Schmuck.

It’s Leo season, Friends! AKA big hair days and the thick of Detroit summer. Hello, secret swim parties off the canals and long afternoons at Belle Isle. And poison ivy, sunburn and stress. ‘Cause heat’s a pill, and when are we not stressed?!

We’re taking our troubles to the wellness experts. To be transparent, our definition of a wellness expert is broad. We, for instance, unabashedly consider our makeup artist to fit that bill. Fact: Martha Stewart travels with hers, so kiss it haters.

We’re kicking off this two part series with wellness coach Samantha Schmuck, founder of Revived Living and a Main Dame at Dames Collective Detroit. We met her at a Dames retreat, where she lead a movement exercise best described as ecstatic dancing. It was awkward and powerful.

Whatever Samantha says, we’re here for it.

Revived Living

Samantha Schmuck

Elevator pitch?

I work with individuals to shift their negative self-talk, process stressors and create alignment with their external world, so they can live life to their fullest with a deep sense of peace and confidence in who they are.

Origin story?

I discovered health and life coaching in my pursuit to heal my own chronic inflammation and negative mindset that ensued after I had to leave competitive gymnastics without any answers or clues from the medical community. From the outside I looked healthy, had great grades, a loving family, etc. but internally I was questioning everything from “Why am I in so much pain?” “What is my purpose?” and all the way to “Do I want to keep living in this pain?”

I have learned so many tools that helped me navigate out of the self-contained prison that can be our brains and am so thankful I get to help others do the same, so they can revive and live this one life to its fullest.

Why Detroit? 

After high school I left the suburbs of Detroit to explore four other states, but, ultimately, to find myself. It was a breakup that sparked my coming back home, and during a 20 hour drive back from Colorado something deeper was calling me to remain in Detroit. There is something about Detroit that you simply have to experience firsthand to understand.

Over the years I have met so many other Michiganders/Detroiters in the other states I’ve lived, and there is so much love and pride we all have for this state and city. The people are kind, hard working, resilient AF, bursting with creativity. I felt called to being surrounded by this as I went through a personal and professional transition. 


1. Discover Playful Movement

Movement regimens often fall off track or lessen in intensity during the winter—this is natural! Winter is a season of rest, reflection, and rebuilding our resilience to stress buffer so we are well equipped for the new burst of life in Spring and Summer. 

Ditch workouts that don’t bring you joy and take advantage of time outdoors by doing more strenuous seasonal activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, gardening, kickball, roller blading, hiking, walking, etc. When we find joy in movement we are more likely to do it more consistently and also get a better overall workout in the end. 

Nature is a physical and mental stress reliever unlike any other—and it’s free!

2. Unwind & Reflect in Nature

Chronic stress runs rampant in the modern world, making us more susceptible to catching colds, participating in unhealthy habits, and developing a negative outlook on life. Nature is a physical and mental stress reliever unlike any other—and it’s free!

Walk through the grass barefoot to ground your body, while the sun’s rays help stimulate vitamin D production and balance your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Do this: Take a minimum of five minutes to focus on deepening your breath, allowing your to do’s to fade out into the distance, and feel the tension release on each exhale. 

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I can’t share this tip enough, especially in the hot and humid months that are Michigan summer! By the time we experience the feeling of being thirsty, the body has become quite dehydrated. Drinking water is a habit that we must be extremely intentional and proactive about. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces each day—drink more on hotter or highly active days. Learn more tips to hydrate here!