Saucy Joe’s Italian Food Truck to Provide Free Food to Nurses in Eastern Market

As an Effort to Raise Awareness of Their “Noodles for Nurses” Campaign, the Food Truck Will Be Giving Away Free Garlic Knot’s to Nurses Who Visit the Food Truck in Eastern Market on Saturday


Saucy Joe’s Italian Food Truck will be giving away free garlic knots to any nurse who stops by their food truck in Eastern Market this weekend as it looks to give back to frontline heroes amid the coronavirus pandemic. Coming as participation in National Nurses Week 2020, the food truck is using the giveaway to raise awareness for it’s Noodles For Nurses Campaign.

Taking place between m 9:00 am- 3:00 pm, the giveaway involves no purchase necessary, and any nurse that stops by will simply need to present a valid nursing ID. During the giveaway, the company will also be collecting donations in Eastern Market for The Noodles for Nurses campaign.

The purpose of Saucy Joe’s campaign is to raise money to help feed nurses, EMTs, doctors and other caregivers who may find themselves on hard times amid the ongoing crisis. Serving more than just pasta, the eatery hopes to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as dessert.

Those receiving meals have the option for them to be wrapped and delivered or served fresh off the truck which will come to the frontline workers’ place of work.

“Noodles For Nurses response has been great, and we want it to continue building momentum” Joe, the owner of Saucy Joe’s Italian Food Truck, shared in a press release put out by the eatery, “and what better place to rally than our own ‘home away from home’- Eastern Market!”

Saucy Joe’s assured that of the money raised from their Noodles For Nurses GoFundMe page, 100 percent of it will go towards providing meals to frontline workers, while the cost of transportation to workplaces will be covered by the eatery. They also stated in their press release that they will match a portion of all funds raised through the program.

To date, Saucy Joe’s Noodles for Nurses Program has raised $3,130 for frontline workers. Learn more about the Noodles for Nurses Campaign here.