Story of My Life as Told by Shaffwan Ahmed

This is a Story of a Citizen in the City. Any City

We each come with our own story. The opportunity to connect, lies in sharing them. DII is having critical conversations with critical members of our community.

Have a listen and hear how similar his story is to each of ours.

Shaffwan is a community organizer, activist, and precinct delegate in Detroit. His parents emigrated from Bangladesh, and he works with a community where close to 6,000 of the residents are Bengali. He helps them and others in his district register to vote and educate themselves on election issues. One of his concerns is that people like his uncle who worked as a pharmacist in Bangladesh are unable to transfer their skills and end up working in lower-skilled jobs in the United States. Currently, Shaffwan does public relations for an engineering firm. In the past, he worked for ACCESS, the largest Arab-American human services non-profit in the United States.