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The 2023 Detroit Lions, the Support Never Fades

With the City Pulling for Them, Fans Traveling to Support Them, What Will They Do?

Detroit Lions and Super Bowl are not words typically spoken in the same sentence.

Until now.

This year – thirteen weeks into the season – the Lions have been winning more than ever before.

The team’s first-place ranking in the NFC North and a chance at going to the playoffs has the city celebrating. Ford Field has been sold out for the first time ever. Fans are traveling in droves to away games and packing stadiums with Honolulu Blue.

Says WJBK Fox2’s Dan Miller about the current situation, “The Lions are being talked about among the best teams in the NFC. The exciting thing is we’ve seen that when they play well they can compete with anybody, and they key thing now is to continue to do so.”

Mike Stone “Stoney” from 97.1 The Ticket WXYT-FM adds, “They are a fun team to watch. For the first time in years, you see a foundation that can be built on. A solid future. Barring some crazy injuries, this team should be a playoff contender and final four contenders for the next half-decade.”

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991, having gone 31 years before that. Between August 12, 1973, and August 12, 2023, the Detroit Lions had the worst record of any team.

Yet through it all, Detroit remains a football town. Many fans have stayed true to the team, holding season tickets for years, tailgating, and cheering them on.

The city is more than ready for a good team and fans are showing their support in a massive way.

Says Miller,

It’s really unbelievable. We’ve been sitting in the booth for road games just watching the Lions fans file in – and they just keep coming. They are packing the commercial flights to follow the team. And everyone in the organization sees it from the players to Dan Campbell to Sheila Ford Hamp, not to mention our opponents! It’s incredibly inspiring.

Rightfully so, many fans have become aggravated over the years. Says Stoney, “There is never a question about how fantastic the fan base is here, but it’s been a frustrated fan base. Many are coming back now though. We all see that this team has built something special and the group is doing it the right way and building a foundation for success. It’s different than it’s ever been, and people everywhere are talking about the Lions.”

When asked what the city will be like if the Lions make the playoffs, Miller says, “We’ve never had a playoff game at Ford Field. The crowd has been electric all season but if we have a home playoff game that will ramp up exponentially. I know what that building is like and it will be a very difficult place for a visiting team to play the Lions. I hope the team keeps going so we can all live that.”

But is the team good enough to make it to the Super Bowl?

Miller thinks it’s possible. “They have certainly shown enough and put themselves in a good position,” he says. “As we sit here now, they could take the field against anyone and play. They have proven that they can beat teams.”

Stoney weighs in saying, “There is a chance, yes. Anything is possible. At this point they are having a better season than any I can remember since I moved here in 1986.”

About his optimism at this point in the season, Miller points largely to the way the team has played despite injuries. “The team has been able to endure injuries on the offensive line and that’s something we have not seen from the Lions in the past. The ability to show depth and withstand losing key players.”

Stoney calls out two stellar players, quarterback Jarod Goff and running back David Montgomery. “I’m surprised at how good Goff has played and the running game with Montgomery has been great.”

They both agree that the toughest opponent on their upcoming schedule is Dallas on December 30.

In closing, Miller says, “The cool thing is these are good people who want to do the right thing and their heart is in it like you can’t believe. I’ve watched what they have poured into this and they want to do this for the city and for the fans.”

And Stoney says, “This is a reflection of Dan Campbell. He is the perfect coach with the perfect disposition and personality for this team and fan base. If he decides to run for mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan better watch out.”


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