The Early Worm Gets the Vegetable Seeds

Where to find Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Seeds and Seedlings in Detroit this Spring


Temperatures are rising, the sun is fighting the man on the moon for more face time, and spring is just around the corner. This means the anticipation for fresh, homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs is almost overwhelming. If you’re looking for seeds, the great thing is greenhouses and plant nurseries are on our level and stocked to the gills with seeds galore.

Check out the following list of fantastic Detroit and metro area locations to get a head start on your fresh, indoor produce garden!

Keep Growing Detroit 

Keep Growing Detroit (KGD) is an excellent resource for residents of Detroit, Highland Park, or Hamtramck. Their Garden Resource Program offers applicants the ability and resources to start a family, school, community, or market garden. For a small fee, KGD provides seeds and transplants to residents, as well as informational graphs about when and how to plant and harvest your crops. 

Make sure to check out KGD’s webinars, Instagram, and Facebook where they offer all sorts of gardening tips, advice, and information.

Goldner Walsh

Goldner Walsh is a small company founded in 1953 determined to provide the surrounding community and beyond with


beautiful and quality plants, products, and seeds aplenty. All your vegetable basics can be purchased in seed form, and seedlings are but mere weeks from sale. Keep an eye out for updates on their Facebook page, and in the meantime, check out their informational garden show, Tim Talk!

Telly’s Greenhouse

Best of Hour Detroit 2017 and 2018, Telly’s Greenhouse never disappoints! At their Troy location, they currently offer a wide variety of vegetable seeds and are gearing up for warmer weather to add starter veggie plants to their beautiful array of bonsai, perennial, house, and tropical plant collections. Telly’s Greenhouse was founded on the joy and love of cultivating plants, and it shows in each leaf and bloom seen in the greenhouse. To not miss out on their selections and new seedlings, take a peek at their Facebook where they post all about new shipments and unboxings!

English Gardens

English Gardens sports six locations around the metro area, so no need to fret about travel time! Each location carries plenty of seeds to choose from and will begin carrying seedlings and starter plants as the weather warms. Until then, they offer a substantial database of blog posts on their website talking about all things plants. From bugs and insects (those pesky pests!)


to DIYs to recipes for your fresh produce, I can bet you won’t get too bored as the temperature rises. A great place to start is with their Spring Prep section, may as well get busy in the meantime!

Planted Detroit

Planted Detroit isn’t a seed-selling greenhouse, but they do make an excellent addition to the list. If you simply cannot wait for the weather to break to get some fresher-than-fresh greens in your belly, Planted offers Detroit-grown greens, herbs, and microgreens for same-day or future delivery. You simply can’t go wrong with that, now can you? 

Detroit and the metro area are filled with many other fantastic greenhouses and produce sellers, so don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around. Happy almost spring, and happy planting!

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