Beauty and Character of Woodbridge Captured in New Book “We Are Woodbridge”

This October, Book by French Photographer Elene Usdin, Drops 150 Color Images


Meet Elene Usdin who first came to Detroit in 2014 for a show at the Museum of New Art (MONA) and immediately gravitated toward the character of Detroit. Drawn to the many aspects of the city, one that most stood out to Usdin was the uniqueness of the Woodbridge neighborhood. She became a repetitive visitor for years to come.

Flash forward to 2019, Usdin became the inaugural artist-in-residence at Art in Woodbridge. During her time, Usdin set out on the mission to capture a collective portrait of the artistic and eclectic Woodbridge neighborhood, located near Wayne State University and the Midtown/Cass Corridor area. She spent her summer and winter adventuring through Woodbridge taking photos and documenting the area.

Rooting from the inspiration of students, artists, faculty and the diverse neighborhood of Woodbridge, Usdin has created her newest masterpiece, the book “We Are Woodbridge,” available October 2020. With an introduction by art writer Sarah Rose Sharp, the book features 150 color images of the area captured by Usdin.

According to the book’s distributor Wayne State University Press,

Usdin’s portraits reflect her ability to connect deeply with her subjects; each seems to capture a resident or environment within Woodbridge completely on their own terms. The book comes together as a unified and gorgeous look at a thriving Detroit neighborhood, through the eyes of a foreign artist who already seems very much at home.

Earlier this month, an outdoor exhibition featuring Usdin’s work was displayed throughout the Woodbridge neighborhood. Be sure to pre-order a copy of We Are Woodbridge by Elene Usdin with an introduction by Sarah Rose Sharp HERE for $30.

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