Women’s History Month 2022 Detroit: 4 Ways for Everyone to Kick Off this Spring

Support All Women & Be Inspired by Black Women this March for Women’s History Month in Detroit


March is a refreshing month. It’s also a positive time because Women’s History Month in Detroit 2022 showcases the artistic history of women while educating the next generation of women business leaders worldwide. With so many events going virtual over the years,  it’s easier than ever to stay educated on what people are discussing in your community. Events will still continue on in celebration as a reminder to carry on the spirit of determination women embody.

Women’s history month in Detroit is also closely linked with Black History Month both literally and on a discussion level.

Detroitisit rounded up 4 ways to celebrate women’s history month in Detroit in the months following March because every day deserves a reflection on how incredible women are.


Thank You Black Women



In celebration of both Black and Women’s History Months, Irwin House Global Art Center & Gallery in partnership with the National Conference of Artists of Michigan presents the juried exhibition, WHERE WE AT –  featuring twenty-two to benefit Detroit women artists of the NCA, celebrating the journey of women in the arts, and inspired by the 1960s/70s Black Arts Movement. In the Spring of 1971, a collective of 14 black women staged an exhibition in Greenwich Village, NY, and called it “Where We At.” It was one of the first known exhibits featuring a host of African American women artists. The exhibition runs through April 16, 2022. Click HERE for more info. Located at 2351 W. Grand Blvd.



As part of the General Assembly’s ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive tech community and break down barriers to tech education, we are celebrating Women’s History Month by showcasing women who have taken groundbreaking action in their fields. Today, more than 40% of GA’s full-time students are female. The GA continues to empower women in local communities to reach high, achieve their goals, and make a global impact. Celebrate women’s history month in Detroit on March 1 with the kick-off of their zoom series. Women’s history month in Detroit 2022 prioritizes inclusivity, so all walks of life are encouraged to engage. Click HERE to RSVP.


But Men Must Work and Women Must Weep, 1883 by Walter Langley



The exhibition By Her Hand: Artemisia Gentileschi and Women Artists in Italy, 1500–1800 runs until Sun, May 2022. This exhibition explores the untold role of women artists in Italy from the birth of the Renaissance until the Enlightenment. In this male-dominated Italian art world, these 17 women navigated many obstacles to succeed. Join the Women’s History Month Educator Workshop at the Detroit Institute of Arts. During the workshop, participants will learn about the special exhibition and get hands-on as well. Click HERE for workshop and exhibition info. . Click HERE for more events and guided tours all throughout March to celebrate this women’s history month in Detroit where everyone can marvel at the driven talent of women.



Women’s history month in Detroit 2022 isn’t just reserved for March. Bring the knowledge you learned into April for a heightened spring renewal. Women’s history month encourages women to lead and be confident in their vigorous movement through life. Why not put those qualities to action by throwing your own event with friends, other women, and any other allies? Honor women by spending time with those that make you feel bold. Each person could share some of your favorite inspirational women. Get artsy by making crafts that spread the same messages of the artistic women that paved the way for future females.

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