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7 of the Spookiest and Most Interesting Detroit Cemeteries

Walk Through the Haunted, Beautiful and Eerie – if You Dare


It’s October and it’s 2020. Talk about spooky. Whether you consider cemeteries scary, beautiful, or just downright off-limits, Detroit is home to plenty of graveyards that will give you quite the scare.

As Halloween approaches, explore – if you dare – these 7 Detroit cemeteries that house haunted tales and provide yet another point of view on the history that Detroit holds. If you believe in supernatural encounters or the afterlife, these chilling destinations need to be added to your list of spooky Halloween activities and destinations.

As an added bonus, if you really are interested in the intimate details of the spookiest Detroit cemeteries, check out Preservation Detroit cemetery tours which will give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know. Please note tours may look a little different this year due to COVID-19.



One of the most well-known, historic cemeteries in Detroit. Embark on a shivering adventure though the oldest of all Detroit cemeteries, full of thoughtfully designed landscaping, numerous Civil War veterans and you guessed it, ghosts. In October, Elmwood Cemetery evokes the spookiest vibes with howling winds sending goosebumps through your body, statues that could tell the tales of the Battle of Bloody run, and countless spirits in the air. The cemetery is located at 1200 Elmwood St.



Gethsemane is located on Gratiot Avenue, just west of Conner near Detroit City Airport at 10755 Gratiot Ave. Dating back to 1909, the Gethsemane cemetery has the reputation of striking visitors with great mystery. One step into the cemetery sends a visitor into a different headspace. Due to flooding back in 2016, the ambiance has only grown to be more mysterious.



Enter through the gates of 23501 Grand River Avenue for an adventure a little less scary than expected. This cemetery is known as one of the most “one of the most beautiful and unique cemeteries” in the country by Life magazine. The River Rouge, flowing through the property, gives off a welcoming hora that makes you second guess the scary stereotype of cemeteries. Although if you enter at night…that’s a different story.



Rumors will tell you do not dare enter in the middle of the night. Tales say between the daunting hours of midnight and 3 a.m. there are strange sounds of bells and screaming. The Machpelah Cemetery in Ferndale, established in 1912, begs the question: are ghosts and phantoms real?



With tombs and gravestones scattered among trees towering the cemetery, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, located at 17100 Van Dyke houses hundreds of Detroiters that have passed away. Although it is one of the largest Detroit cemeteries, it is known to be a comforting and stable presence on Detroit’s East Side, according to the website. Mt. Olivet is an inspirational place in the truest sense of a traditional cemetery with more than 300 beautifully landscaped acres in the heart of Detroit.



Known as one of the most haunted cemeteries in Michigan, Redford Cemetery has seen numerous reports of paranormal events. One of the most well-known paranormal activities is the sound of a woman sobbing at night while others claim sights of a large, dark figure following them throughout the grounds and others who have felt the ground shaking while roaming through the forested area of the cemetery.



This cemetery located at 19975 Woodward Ave between 7 mile and 8 mile. It serves as the resting place for hundreds of well known Detroit names. Established in 1895, the Woodlawn Cemetery holds some of the most notable names from Detroit including late mayors, members of the Ford family, and Aretha Franklin and family and other well-known figures in Detroit history.

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