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‘Diversity in the D’ Initiative Offers Scholarships and Internship Experience

Imagination, the Team Behind the Viral Detroit Youth Choir “Glory” Video, Will be Funding the Initiative Operated by AdCraft

Imagination, the experience design company that helped to put together the famous Detroit Youth Choir video “Glory” is further working to support Detroit by helping to fund the ‘Diversity in the D‘ initiative. Operated by AdCraft, Diversity in the D will support minority Juniors and Seniors by providing them with mentorship, financial support, and a once in a lifetime internship experience.

“I’m pretty passionate about internships because that’s how I started, I joined Imagination nearly 25 years ago and I began as an intern,” shared Alistair Wilson, Global Lead & Managing Director, for Imagination, while discussing Diversity in the D. “I feel very strongly that we need to be a firm that is making sure we’re developing the next generation and also from our respect, growing our own because I think the industry needs to bring young people into the businesses because, at an early age, you can really develop,” added Wilson.


Working in tandem with AdCraft on the program, those selected will have the opportunity to take on work within Imagination, with the goal of cooming out better understanding the creative industry and set on a career path tailored to their interests.

Rooted in the principle of independent creativity, the official offerings of the Diversity in the D scolarship will offer the following:

– College Junior Year (2021): $5000 Scholarship + Mentorship
– College Senior Year (2022): $5000 Scholarship + Mentorship
– A 10 week paid internship that will be completed during Junior or Senior year

The work presented through the Diversity in the D internship is wide-ranging and those involved will work closely with the Imagination team on projects across the board.

Talking about the internship experience, Wilson added, “When you talk about Diversity, one of the great things about Imagination is that we have a very diverse business. We’ve been working on pure, long led, looking to future projects. Our plan for the internships is to move them through a few different teams so they get the widest possible kind of exposure to different parts of the business.”

Some of the work interns will take on includes projects that range from user experience design, brainstorming on how people will interact with vehicles of the future, digital or film content, or working on major announcement projects similar to Imagination’s work with the Ford Motor Company and the new Bronco.

Our view is, we can tune it based on the interests of the individual, but we’re fortunate that we have a very diverse amount of offering to tune them [interns] into things that interest them and hopefully we can make it rewarding so as to help spur them on their own career path, Wilson added.

To those wishing to apply, the application process is simple, with questions such as deciding the best words to describe oneself and what they may find most interesting about a creative career path. The application also includes two 300-500 word essays pertaining to career goals and why one may want the internship.

Those interested have until the end of March to apply and applications may be found at adcraft.org.

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