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Eastern Market Antiques Announcing Move to New Location

The Longtime Retailer Rebrands as Vintage Eastern Market


Eastern Market Antiques has operated in Eastern Market for over 27 years, selling vintage furniture, clothing and other knick-knacks to the Detroit community. With the former owner retiring after many years, ownership of Eastern Market Antiques has passed onto managing partners Martin Nickens and Margaret Redmond-Squires and the shop will be renamed Vintage Eastern Market.

A significant part of the rebranding effort will be the relocation of the store just down the street, to 1515 Division Street, Suite B, a move that comes after it was found that many repairs and renovations were needed at the Market St. location. The new owners expressed positivity about the change in a press release that was put out about the move.

“This new face of the beloved shop was a passing of the torch from one generation to the next,” said Margaret Redmond-Squires. “We’re able to preserve our collective culture and diverse vendors from all across metro Detroit. The move is beneficial for everyone who comes through Eastern Market and the city of Detroit.”

Both new owners of the antique shop have deep roots in Detroit. Nickens is a retired Army Veteran who used to visit the shop as a child and has been collecting vintage items for many years before acquiring partial ownership of the shop. Redmond-Squires is a retired Detroit Public Schools teacher and Detroit resident who had set up shop as a vendor inside the current location for the past 27 years.

Nickens expressed excitement about the move and a new opportunity, stating in the press release, “We’re thrilled to be able to protect the legacy of Eastern Market Antiques and continue to provide a space where kids and adults alike can walk into a world of nostalgia and make new memories or jog old recollections.”

The new Division St. storefront will provide an opportunity for small businesses to set up shop on location, as just with the previous spot, thousands of curated items will be available from around 40 vendors, many of whom are comprised of retired or semi-retired entrepreneurs. Items on hand include vintage goods from across a rotating inventory that can be browsed on the business’s Facebook Page.

According to the press release, vendors usually stay for around three to five years and so far, five new vendors have decided to set up shop since the rebrand to Vintage Eastern Market. Approximately eight spots are currently available for interested new vendors.

The current location of Eastern Market Antiques will be open until January 25 when an auction will be held to sell a range of vintage items that won’t be making a move to the new location. Once open, there will be a grand opening ceremony at the Division Street location on February 15 to celebrate the change in name and ownership.

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