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Summer Well Lived with Ilse Devereux and Jamie Judson

Two Detroit Entrepreneurs Share Top 3 Tips for a Summer


Detroit, we’re coming in hot with the wellness tips for summer.

Entrepreneurs Jamie Judson of City Bark Detroit and Ilse Devereux of The Devereux talk dogs and makeup, clearly summer’s two most relevant topics. Because your face and who doesn’t love animals?! Also, it’s Leo season, so we’re embracing our sexy. And lions.

Check out the extra goodness with Samantha Schmuck of Revived Living—teaser: get outside, drink ALL the water.


Meet Jamie Judson of City Bark Detroit

Elevator Pitch?

City Bark is a pet supply and accessory store located in Downtown Detroit’s Capitol Park. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for Detroit pet owners. City Bark offers mobile grooming every other Friday, hosts pet adoption events every Wednesday, and partners with local veterinarians to host vaccination clinics twice a year. We also try to get pet owners out to enjoy the city, with events like dog yoga in the park, local pop-ups, and partnerships with local bars and restaurants.

Origin Story

Since an early age, I’ve always loved animals. However, I learned quickly that as much as I love dogs, I don’t love math and science and said goodbye to my dreams of being of veterinarian. I got a degree in marketing and always knew I would eventually work with animals. I was on vacation when I stumbled across a dog boutique, and it peaked my interest.

Why Detroit?

The original location opened in 2014. About a year later I was looking for housing in Detroit, and began to think of the logistics of owning a pet in the city. There was a visible need for supplies and services, but the challenge was figuring out the best location for City Bark.  Once I saw my current location in Capitol Park, I was immediately intrigued. The space, like Detroit itself, had so much potential. I knew that if I didn’t move forward with opening City Bark in Detroit, I would always regret it.

Summer Tips

1. Get out and enjoy the fresh air. Having dogs forces me to do this – we start each morning with a walk, and either end the day with another walk. Dog park or, on Tuesdays, dog yoga!

2. Be prepared for the elements. For me, this means sunscreen and bug repellent. The sprays are quick and easy, and I always keep both human and dog options in my bag.

3. Dogs & humans: stay hydrated.

Meet Ilse Devereux of The Devereux

Elevator pitch?

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for over 16 years and although makeup is fun, skincare is essential. My clients have always come to me for skincare product recommendations, so I finally decided to start my own line. The process has been a lot more tedious than I was expecting—my passion project is quickly becoming my professional baby.

But it’s worth it. I like getting to know people and absolutely enjoy making someone feel great about themselves. Who doesn’t like to hear ‘you have amazing skin!’ I look forward to doing pop-ups around the city and talking to people about their skin.

Origin story?

Ever since the age of 14 my mom had me on a basic, yet strict, skin regimen and I saw a dermatologist for about a year. Now that I’m nearing 40, my skin is changing, and I see one more often. Skincare has always been a very important part of my day-to-day.

Why Detroit?

Living here now these past three years and getting to know my neighbors, clients, acquaintances and friends, I’ve noticed a need for proper education on skincare. We don’t have the apothecary shops I grew up going to and learning from the sales girls. There is a major lack of knowledge! Sure, I can send them to the mall or a link online, but where is the customer service in that?

Summer Tips

1. Always wear SPF. Our ozone is ruined and the sun damage is worse than ever.

2. Drink water like it’s going out of business. It really is the number one key to less wrinkles.

3. Use under eye cream. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Make sure you use it every night! Under eye wrinkles are the finest and most difficult to erase without surgery.