Last month the good folks at Takoi and Prince Concepts opened their latest venture, Magnet, in the old Magnet radiator shop on Warren Avenue. It’s situated in what was once a parking lot, recently transformed into a park, and across the way from Ochre Bakery, another another much anticipated spot from our Astro Coffee friends. And celebrated—most recently by Bon Appetit Magazine.

Ochre, BTW, is open for breakfast which makes it the perfect compliment to its new dinner neighbor, Magnet.

Now, Magnet! Lest you think the name is lazy nostalgia, we’re here to remind you that its design team, lead by architect Ish Rafiudin of Undecorated, based the restaurants plans on an actual magnet—the long, sunken bar being the focal point of the entire space. Like moths to a flame! Or guests to a…LOL.

Bonus points for wood fired everything and a veg heavy menu. The whole cauliflower is surprisingly delightful. And good call on the wine heavy drink list. Cocktail culture is so passé.