Paczki Day 2022: Where to Find the Best Paczki in Detroit & Hamtramck

Jelly or Custard-Filled, Here’s Where to Find the best Paczki in Detroit & Hamtramck


Paczki (pronounced “Poonch-kee”) Day in Detroit is here, also known as Fat Tuesday is Tuesday, March 1. Indulge in another round of comfort foods before shedding for spring and Lent for those participating Paczki is traditional Polish doughnuts. People are willing to wait in long lines just to get their hands on a fresh batch that has Detroit roots. Detroit is home to a large Polish population.

Hamtramck, a city located within the boundaries of Detroit is one of the largest Polish-American communities in the country. Not to mention, they celebrate Paczki Day traditions with lively festivities to check out.

You may be wondering for Paczki Day 2022, where to find the best Paczci in Detroit with several options? Detroitsit had a scrumptious list last year of Paczci destinations, so we had to give a brief update on where to get the best Paczki in Detroit and the outskirts.


Donut Villa Paczki Day



Support local Detroit food businesses while treating yourself! Donut Villa will warm you up from the inside out. They serve up coffee and doughnut. However, their real specialty is fostering the community. Visit the villa for an exchange of personal connections rather than money. Handmade, fresh, and high-quality, every item sold is infused with a love for food and the city of Detroit. Faith, family, and doughnuts are their main source of inspiration. Located at 5875 W Vernor Hwy Detroit, MI 48209.

Hours: 5 am- 10 pm 7 days a week. Phone: (313) 849-4752



Chene Modern Bakery was voted the 2019 winner of the Best Baker For Metro Detroit on Abc 7 WXYZ Detroit. They will be open every day until Paczki Day on March 1. Their new flavor this year is Strawberry Cheesecake. Try them out if you want your traditional doughnuts to be quality made in Detroit. Click HERE to view their Facebook page. Chene Modern Bakery is Located at 17041 W Warren Ave, in Detroit.

Hours: Sunday are 2 pm-7 pm, Monday 6 am-6 pm, and Tuesday 5 am until 6 pm, or whenever they run out!

New Palace Detroit Bakery doughnut box



New Palace Bakery, otherwise known as Pączki Headquarters, is located in Hamtramck, MI. Where to find the best Paczki in Detroit is wholesome when you chose a top-rated, family-owned business like NPB. Since 1908, they are a staple in the Greater Detroit Area and have been proudly serving their community for many generations. New Palace Bakery specializes in Polish and European style baking. This year they’re are offering 6 box options for Paczki Day. Click HERE to check out the flavors and then call or walk in to order. Located at 9833 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI 48212.
Special Hours: Sunday, Feb. 27th, 10 am-4 pm, Monday, Feb. 28th, 6 am-6 pm, Tuesday, Mar. 1st 3 am-unspecified
peanut butter and jelly doughnuts



Speaking of family-owned businesses, put the Family Donut Shop on your radar for where to find the best local Detroit Paczki this Paczki Day 2022. The Family Donut Shop has been in business for 39 years, so they must be doing something right. Conant Street is known for the original Detroit-style square pizza with the birth of the booming Buddy’s Pizza.  If you’re a Detroiter who wants to celebrate the traditional way, then give The Family Donut and continue on with your festivities if you haven’t already celebrated Paczki Day in Detroit. Click HERE to view their Facebook Page and visit the shop in person!

Hours: Mon-Fri. 5:30 am-7:30 pm, Sat. 6 am-7 pm   Sun. 7 am-7 pm. Phone: (313) 368-9214


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