Public Art In Detroit: 4 Pieces & Projects to Stay Up On Culture This Year

What Better Way to Celebrate Spring & Summer Than with News of Public Art in Detroit?


Check out a city’s art scene if you really want to get to know the culture. Public art in Detroit is bringing wealth and beauty to every corner of the city. Exciting projects are keeping the spirit of Detroit alive by re-envisioning community spaces. Local artists and passionate designers are taking the opportunity seriously to creatively reshape the way people view Detroit.

Take a look at what’s happening with public art in Detroit. Plenty of projects in 2021, this year, and beyond, provide ample support for local art. The action goes a long way in its return value for everyone! Detroitisit rounded up a list of public art in Detroit on display, including some planned for public viewing in the next year or two.


The economy and community servitude are looking up for Detroiters thanks to artistic visions. The Exchange, formerly known as the Bagley Mobility Hub is a multi-faceted parking structure and mobility center scheduled to open this summer.  Project news regarding the restoration of Michigan Central Station was already briefly mentioned in a recent Detroitisit article on upcoming, unique developments in Detroit. Public requests for proposals were open last year to all Detroit-based artists and artists teams to bid on site-specific public art commissions for installation at three key locations at The Exchange.

  1. Bagley Street – the goal is to create a dynamic, expressive, and iconic lenticular artwork that cultivates connections between biophilia and movement. This opportunity spans 97’ at street level on Bagley Street.
  2. Water Cisterns – Scaling 40’ high, the ideal building wrap artwork for these structures will tell the story of transformation and purposeful integration with the landscape and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  3. South Stairwell – This 6-story opportunity will house artwork applied to glass that connects new pathways in the building. Say hello to an energetic engagement attractive on the interior and exterior.



Charles McGee Detroit artist


The Shepherd’s inaugural exhibition, presented in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, will highlight the work of celebrated Detroit artist Charles McGee. The public sculpture garden at the Charles McGee Legacy Park will be next to the church and will feature three large-scale sculptures between 8 and 12 feet tall. McGee completed the designs for the park before passing away in early 2021. “Rhapsody in the Park” is one of three life-size sculptures by Charles McGee Legacy Park. The creative arts in Detroit don’t need a new space when they can redesign the old with new ideas! Keep up with the Arts district in Detroit as they plan to create other green spaces.


Meet Erik and Israel Nordin. They live in Detroit and have their studio in Detroit’s Corktown. They literally live and breathe the Detroit scene.  Their “DBurst” sculpture first dropped at midnight a few years back. They’ve also had their Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood bike racks available. Their latest project is an 8-ton glass and steel sculpture at the east end of Belle Isle State Park, at the island’s tip near Lake St. Clair. A “maquette”, which is an 18-inch tall miniature of their work, was the first viewing in 2021. A glimpse was unveiled at Detroit’s Whitney restaurant. The sculpture is called “One World … Under Michigan Stars” on display in 2022 at the park’s Ralph Wilson Gateway.


gray shower fountain



Belle Isle is naturally pretty. It’s no wonder it has also become a place for intriguing art. The gorgeous fountain is adorned with dolphins, turtles, and lions. Definitely worth the admiration. Originally created as a monument to controversial socialite James Scott, there is even a life-size statue of him nearby overlooking the fountain. It’s close to Sunset Point, an intimate proposal spot in Detroit for its sprawling view of Detroit’s skyline. The fountain typically only runs water during the summer, so now is the time to check it out!


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