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Self-Care with Meta Physica Wellness Center

9 Secrets for a Life Well Lived from the Owners of Meta Physica Wellness

Massage therapist, Jenaveve Biernat and her once client, Interior Designer Anahi Holis, met over massage and bonded over a vision: “to create a space in Detroit that was solely dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community.” In 2018, they opened the doors to Meta Physica Wellness Center in Corktown on Trumbull, in a small complex of businesses that are, we are excited to note, all women owned. In addition to a full massage program, they offer access to the city’s only full spectrum infrared saunas and a well curated retail selection. Soon they will also offer a juice bar.

“There are three ways your body eliminates toxins. We don’t need to talk about two of them right now. We know we need to sweat every day,” says Jenaveve. With a growing list of researched benefits including age prevention, promotion of muscle growth, weight loss, and restful sleep, consider your time in an infrared sauna as your friend with benefits.

Bonus: According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 30 minutes in an infrared sauna burns 400-600 calories, targeting visceral fat around your organs. Or head for a six-mile run. Either works.

1. Massage

Incorporated into your self-care regime, regular massage keeps the body and mind at peak performance. It’s a tune-up for your human machine, that could, as Jenaveve points out, “save you a trip to the doctor.” Trust her. She’s been doing this for fifteen years. Stress relief, pain reduction, improved immune function—check, check, check. Plus, heated tables means heated sheets which feel more than amazing.

How often should you book a massage? As often as you can!  Or, states Jenaveve, “once a week of experiencing pain or discomfort until the issue is resolved. If that’s not doable, maintenance should be once a month.”

2. CBD Oil

For everything. Specifically: anxiety, stress, irritability, insomnia, and nausea. Upset stomach? Trouble sleeping? CBD oil works for that too. As a friend pointed out, its the “cure-all, apple cider vinegar of Ganja.”

Jenaveve and Anahi suggest taking a CBD oil tincture orally, morning or night, and try incorporating it into a message. Pro tip: applied topically, oils are best absorbed on the spine and bottoms of the feet.

3. Vacation/Staycation

“It’s important to leave where you are and get inspired,” says Jenaveve. She and Anahi reboot by taking regular walks through the Dequindre Cut via the River Front. Feeling fancy? A day at the DIA and night at the Siren Hotel rivals a trip out of the city any day.

4. Love Your Liver 

The organ responsible for taking the toxins out of your blood. It’s also the hardest hit by vitamins—yes, vitamins—prescription drugs, processed just about anything, and booze.

PSA from Jenaveve: “Laying off the alcohol and processed food helps relieve the burden on your liver. Doing a castor oil pack regularly helps to stimulate the liver, lymphatic system and the body’s natural immune system.” Just imagine castor oil, applied to organic cotton—note: organic—placed upon your liver with a heat source. In an infrared sauna, it’s divine.

5. Dry Brushing

Promotes healthy immune function, encourages lymphatic drainage, and sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving skin radiant. Dry brush once or twice daily, in a gentle motion, “always towards the heart,” Anahi reminds us. Try incorporating an essential oil for a multi-sensory experience.

6. Aroma Therapy 

Applied topically, ingested, or burned in a diffuser, the uses of essential oils span from mood elevator to health supplement. Thieves oil for a cold, anyone?

Do yourself a solid and take the essential oil upgrade with your sauna or, if you’re feeling luxurious (or under the weather), book a massage with the raindrop technique.

The Rain Drop Technique combines aromatherapy and a full body massage to create a relaxing, enjoyable, detoxifying massage. Multiple drops of 9 different anti bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory oils are applied to the feet and spine to help boost the immune system.

7. Juicing

Read, specifically wheat grass. According to Anahi, “Two to four ounces daily is the richest source of Vitamin A and C, a balanced spectrum of readily available B vitamins.” It’s loaded in trace minerals and chlorophyll, the energetic green pigment that helps plants make energy out of light. Wild!

Meta Physica will soon offer a full juice bar. If you hate the taste of wheat grass—”Pure energy, no crashing,”—you’ll have plenty of chasers to choose from.

8. (Dr. Tong’s) Tongue Scraper

Most people forget about their tongue. And that’s unfortunate. A good tongue cleaning will enliven your taste buds, promotes fresh breath, and, we ourselves believe, prevents cavities. Look at your tongue first thing in the morning. “A pink tongue is a healthy tongue,” says Anahi. “If yours looks like a white shag carpet, you’re probably looking at Candida overgrowth.”

Sure, you could use your toothbrush, but don’t. While a brush will loosen debris, it’s not effective at removing bacteria.

9. Know Yourself 

The simple things we take for granted are the most potent. Make time for sleep. Replace alcohol with water. Listen to your body. Anahi and Jenaveve recommend having blood work done to know your deficiencies. I just found out I was low in vitamin D, which is one of the most profound defenses your body has against cancer. I would have never known that without my doctor. Supplements matter. What and how many depends on the specific needs of your body.