Exploring Sustainability in Automotive With Female Automotive Leaders

Highlights from an Evening of Provocative Discussion with Automotive’s Top Minds during NAIAS 2019

NAIAS 2019

“Many people have been asking, how will these technologies look and function in real cities for real people? What are the environmental benefits? Are we going to start facing larger climate change challenges?”

—Ivana Kalafatic, Founder of Detroitisit

Many joined us at the Detroit Foundation Hotel for an engaging evening on the future of sustainability in transportation. You helped us make NAIAS history, as we brought together an all-female panel of industry experts to discuss one of the automotive industires most pressing topics.

Special thanks to our moderator, Mike Ramsey of Gartner, and to our panelists: Kim Pittel of Ford, Lisa Niscoromoni of GM, Joanne Muller of Axios and Carla Bailo of CAR.

Shoutout to Deloitte for the generous support and joint vision for the future.

You couldn’t make it? No worries. We’ve captured the best parts below—and, as everyone knows, life actually happens on the Internet, so same difference. Except you’ll have to bring your own hors d’oeuvres to this party. Cheers!