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The Best 9 Places to Picnic in Detroit this Spring

April 23rd is National Picnic Day, Where Will You Picnic?


One of the best ways to celebrate spring is to picnic. April 23rd itself agrees, as it has been labeled as National Picnic Day. Picnicking is also a fantastic way to give support to some of our favorite local Detroit restaurants and help to lower the spread of COVID-19 as cases continue to spike. But where are the best places around the city to do so? Here is our curated list of Detroit’s nicest-nine parks to picnic in this spring!


Belle Isle is a classic Detroit place-to-be, but just as they say: classics are that way for a reason. The Isle is definitely a favorite place for many Detroiters because of the array of environments it holds. Want to picnic on a sandy beach or a grassy bank? Or maybe by a playground, or in a clearing in the woods? Belle Isle’s got you. Another really cool thing about Belle Isle is, even though it is a well loved plot of land, there are so many nooks and crannies all about the Island that work well in terms of social distancing for COVID-19. 


Capitol Park is an excellent downtown Detroit place to picnic. Not only is it surrounded by restaurants like Lovers Only, Go! Sy Thai, and La Lanterna, as well as cafes such as Dessert Oasis and Cannelle, it also comes complete with a dog park, a mini grocery store, Eatori Market, as well as a few boutiques as well. Capitol Park is ever changing it feels, as vendors pop up and new outdoor seating.


Similar to Belle Isle, the Detroit Riverfront is without a doubt a classic hang-spot in Detroit–especially since it was named number one in the country by USA Today. The Riverfront offers many beautiful locations to watch the water flow by and enjoy your meal. Benches facing the water are spread out throughout the Riverfront, as well as numerous parks, and many excellent grassy locations. 


As one of the largest parks in Detroit, Palmer Park offers 281 acres of meadows, athletic fields, woodlands, and recreational areas. The park is complete with a playground and tennis courts, as well as many other major, new improvements. Palmer Park definitely shows its flair for history, making it a fantastic place to picnic, enjoy fresh air, and learn some of Detroit’s past. 


Eliza Howell Park is an excellent place to feel immersed in nature and is known for its biological diversity. This park is another of Detroit’s largest parks, locking in at 250 acres of land. If hiking, or taking a walk after a meal is something you enjoy, Eliza Howell Park is definitely a great option for you. 


Located in Midtown, only a block from the DIA Museum, Peck Park is an excellent mini oasis just off the beaten path of Midtown’s hustle and bustle. The park offers a quaint playground with swings, picnic tables, and a unique bridge installation. Peck Park also has a large amount of green space, perfect for a blanket picnic. 


Zussman Park is newly renovated, and now offers a gorgeous green space, basketball court, benches, a playground, and beautiful green space. Zussman Park sees a lot of traffic through its neighborhood, but the largeness of the park, as well as fencing, creates a secluded and community feeling for neighbors and travelers alike. Grab a blanket and check out this beautiful new space Detroit has to offer!


Located in the New Center area, Bennett Playground is a great place to hang in Detroit’s new up-and-coming neighborhood. Bennett Playground has basketball courts, green space, a playground, and workout equipment as well (in case you want to burn some calories after your picnic). This park offers an excellent location, mere blocks from Milwaukee Caffe, The Kitchen, and Yum Village.


Forever a favorite, but often forgotten, is Roosevelt Park. It sits at the edge of Corktown, and offers a beautiful array of green space, perfect for picnicking. Though the park is at the edge of Corktown, its in the center of activity, surrounded by Takoi, Slows, Mercury Burger Bar, and oh-so-many-more delicious Detroit restaurants. 

What Detroit restaurant and picnic spot are you going to pair first?

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