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10 Tips for a Life Well Lived this Valentine’s Day and Everyday with Kelli Coleman

Co-owner of the Downtown Darling The TEN Nail Bar, Kelli Shares Her Favorite Self Care Rituals


Kelli Coleman is a busy woman. She’s a mother, entrepreneur and, according to her latest Instagram post, co-creator & producer of a new show on The Word Network. It’s a lot, and, somehow, she does it all with a fit mind and spirit—inside and out, the woman looks good.

It’s also her business to make others look good.

In 2016, she and Anika Jackson co-founded The TEN Nail bar in the Capitol Park neighborhood of Downtown, Detroit. The TEN is way more than a nail bar. They also offer waxing services. And coffee, tea and champagne. For some clients it’s a weekly ritual akin to a session with a massage or therapist. For others it’s a social fix.

To say business is booming is an understatement. Our tip to you—book early.

The partners recently announced they will be opening a second location this spring, in the New Center neighborhood. In addition to their current list of services, they will also offer full body waxing as well as more space for event rentals. Spa party, anyone?

All of that. There must be a secret. Do tell, Kelli.

“I became more intentional about selfcare when I became an entrepreneur,” she shares. “In my late twenties, early thirties it really became a luxury to spend time by myself and for myself, so there therefore I became more intentional about it at that point.”

Think work hard, rest hard. 

Being an entrepreneur, Kelli points out, isn’t easy. You experience “higher highs and lower lows”—and make your own schedule. Which means without intention nothing gets done. Self care, often gets overshadowed by what is seemingly more pressing work.

Coupled with intentionality, setting boundaries is what keeps Kelli sane—and healthy. “When I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation. When I’m taking time for self care, that is what I am intentionally and specifically doing.”

Ok, so vacation is one thing, but what about the day to day?

Since opening the TEN, Kelli’s developed a set of daily rituals—and they have nothing to do with pampering.

“At some point in the day, I might read a positive quote or a scripture—anything to remind me to be moving through the day with gratitude—trying to adopt the mantra that ‘I get to’ as opposed to ‘I have to’ or ‘I must.'”


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In short, whether you’re busy with family or running a successful business, all those things that keep us from ourselves are a privileges not chores. The least you can do is take a few moments for gratitude each day.

And since next week is Valentine’s Day, you might as well extend the moment of gratitude and make it extra special. Our suggestion is that you start with a mani and pedi at The TEN, maybe not every day, but as often as possible.

Kelli’s tips are below. The commentary is ours.


Kelli Coleman

Kelli Coleman

Kelli Coleman’s Tips for a Life Well Lived


1. TENder Care deluxe mani/pedi at the TEN

#Betterthanaboyfriend. ‘Nuff said. 


2. Dinner at She Wolf

Nothing says I love you and I love myself like freshmade pasta. Unless you’re gluten free. In which case, there are other options.


3. Brunch with friends at Selden Standard

Order the cashew milk. It may or may not be on the menu.


4. A workout at The Lean Body Studio

We’re taking note, Kelli.


5. The latest exhibition at Library Street Collective.

Especially the ROVOK pieces. Remember when he got into it with H&M and then acted like a hero and gave a bunch of money to our favorite Detroit art institutions? Never forget.


6. A wine tasting at House of Pure Vin

Trouble finding a date? Remember it’s not drinking alone if the bartender’s in the room.


7. A scent experience at DetroitWick

The scent bar is the new bar bar.


8. A facial at BOYD Beauty

That’s how she does it . . .


9. A post-work catch up at Eatori

We’ve had lunch with Kelli. She orders the kale salad with salmon.


10. A stay-cation at Shinola Hotel

Yes! The views are glorious, the blinds operate remotely, and the hotel’s art collection has been currared by Library Street and includes a REVOK piece or two. Or three, we forget, stay-cation and get back to us.