Among great pizza, art and murals, Eastern Market can soon add Civil War General and 18th President to its list of attractions—sort of. Grant’s resting at the mausoleum in Manhattan, but one of his homes is making the journey from across town. Yes, there has been a Presidential Home on the State Fair Grounds this ENTIRE TIME.

According to Curbed Detroit, the new/old location will be a museum with gardens. Although Grant, a lover of nature, was a legitimate failed farmer. He also hated wearing uniforms and liked to drink (perhaps too much).  

None of us are perfect. But some are more perfect than others.

Grant fought against the KKK with the passage of the “Ku Klux Klan Act.” It’s also worth noting that his parents were abolitionists.

On a more mundane level, he was notoriously unlucky in business and had absolutely zero political experience before becoming President. How relatable is that?!

We totally stole those facts from the History Channel, BTW.

Ulysses S Grant is the guy. In his lifetime, the “S” didn’t stand for anything, but we’re going to say it stands for “Spirit” — “The Spirit of Detroit!”