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Unlock Astrological Mystery at Lunar Salon and Apothecary with Alchemy Henna

Curious About Astrology? Join ART of the ZODIAC March 15th at the Detroit Schvitz

Astrology + Henna: Photo courtesy of Alchemy Henna

Would you like to learn more about Astrology? This Sunday, March 15th, from 4:30 pm-6:30 pm, in the wake of a full moon in Virgo, ART of the ZODIAC Presents Lunar Salon & Apothecary: Henna in Times of Transition at what might literally be Detroit’s hottest gathering spot, the Schvitz. 

It sounds like a lot. It is. In the most far-out way possible.  

Each month CV Henriette, founder of the cosmic apothecary ART of the ZODIAC, creates space to discuss the Astrology of the moment via the lunar cycle. New moon, full moon, waxing full quarter moon—they all have something special to offer. And an exciting entrance into Astrology.  

Chances are you know your sun sign. Pisces? Aries? Etc. But you might not know there’s a whole lot more to your chart—yes, there’s a chart—and that knowing this can be a powerful tool for transformation. Or simply life navigation. 

Lunar Salon is a place to dive into the sky. Metaphorically speaking. Most likely you’ll be seated, either on the floor or in a chair, as CV guides you through the month’s big Astro moments and what they mean for you.  

Spoiler alert: what comes next after that most wicked fog of a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces? JK. Mercury Retrogrades aren’t wicked. In fact, they’re beautiful. And soon you’ll learn why! 



This month’s Lunar Salon special guest, Monique Herzig of Alchemy Henna, will be leading a mini-workshop, Henna in Times of Transformation, on the self-application of henna for personal empowerment.  

Henna. The reddish hand designs you see at wedding ceremonies in certain parts of the world. Fun fact: cultures across the globe have henna traditions, spanning from Morocco to India and Saudi Arabia.  

More Fun Facts: Henna is made from the pigment of the henna plant. Humans across the globe have used to decorate the skin for thousands of years. And, no, it’s not a temporary tattoo. Being temporary is part of its significance: across the world, henna has been used to celebrate major life transitions. 

As Monique tells CV in her article for J’Adore, Written in the Stars: The Astrological Lessons of Henna:  

“Traditionally, Monique explains, henna was “done at times of transition…from girl to woman, from woman to wife, from wife to mother. In some cultures, once you are no longer married, either through divorce or death, you don’t do henna anymore. Because there’s no longer a transition for you.” 

About that last part, “there’s no longer a transition for you,” ART of the ZODIAC begs to differ.  

This is why CV and Monique will bring it all together by showing you how to use henna as a powerful tool to assimilate the lessons of the Zodiac. Mercury Retrograde aside, sometimes surviving the transition from the transition of waning moon to new moon can feel like an absolute feat. 




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Lunar Salon kicks off in conversation on the astrological weather and some light snacks, before transitioning into henna talk and henna workshop, including a small personalized drawing by Monique for each guest to wear home.  

Musician Tony Pulice, of jam and blues band Asphalt Flowers, will close the Salon with a guided meditation, designed to assimilate the evening’s teachings.  

Those seeking ultimate bliss, are invited to stick around the Schvitz for co-ed steam. Bathing suits are required. Tickets to steam may be purchased on-site. Our girl I’sha will be giving platza treatments, and she does book up. Consider reaching out to the Schvitz to schedule with her in advance.  

Visit zodiacdetroit.com to learn more about ART of the ZODIAC.

Tickets to Lunar Salon & Apothecary may be purchased here.