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Ponyride and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan Announce Collaborative Effort

The Two Organizations are Collaborating to Increase Support for Detroit Social Entrepreneurs


Detroit-based small business incubator, Ponyride, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan [BGCSM] recently announced a partnership aimed at supporting social entrepreneurs in the city. The effort will see the allocation of 20,000 square feet of co-working and manufacturing space across Detroit and Highland Park.

Under the management of BGCSM, the partnership will focus on breaking the poverty cycle for younger individuals by creating economic mobility opportunities aimed at benefiting their entire family

“Collaborating with Ponyride allows us to create a multigenerational pathway to economic mobility through neighborhood entrepreneurship,” stated Shawn H. Wilson, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, in a press release. “Funding is only going to become more challenging for social impact organization and together Ponyride and BGCSM can decrease expenses while increasing impact for the communities we serve.”

“This is an incredible opportunity for Ponyride to work deeper in Detroit neighborhoods by partnering with an organization that has been so much for so many,” added Phil Cooley, co-founder of Ponyride. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with BGCSM and hope we can play a larger role in supporting the whole family by providing upward mobility for our social entrepreneurs of all ages.”

Since opening in 2011, the organization has incubated 45 Detroit-based small businesses including The Lip Bar, Empowerment Plan, Détroit is the New Black, Rebel Nell and Detroit Denim—with alumni generating more than $20M in annual revenue. When the new locations open, they will be based located inside the BGCSM Clubs that include the Dick and Sandy Dauch Club (Ponyride West), Fauver-Martin Club (Ponyride East) and Diehl Club (Ponyride South).

According to the press release put out, the new Ponyride locations will offer the following:

  • Partially subsidized below-market rental spaces
  • Affordable co-working space
  • Community amenities—production and design studios, innovation lab, laundromat, test kitchen and fitness center
  • Drop-in childcare
  • FREE Intern and apprentice feeder program
  • Alumni Mentoring Program
  • Members-Only events and experiences

The already established market is expected to launch online June 13 with a small business marketplace, celebrity guest speakers, food demonstration and more. Learn more at ponyride.org.