Winter In Detroit: 5 Things to Do to Get Excited About Going Out

Winter in Detroit Could Be More Of a Reason to Go Out & Visit the Best Parts of the City


Don’t let a harsh winter in Detroit keep you from exploring the city. You can still do a lot of the same things you would do in other seasons…you just have to dress a little warmer. There hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of snow this year. We’ve all been inside our homes enough the past two years. It’s a literal breath of fresh air to get out of the house. Some of these ideas are as ordinary as getting a coffee or eating out.

It’s easy to get in the habit of saying “there’s nothing to do” or “it’s too cold” in the winter. The excitement of these activities should pique your interest enough to wander around the city more. Lots of people are wondering what there is to do in Detroit during COVID-19. Most events nowadays come with a typical set of safety rules, regulations, restrictions, & adjustments due to our changing circumstances.

Here’s a list of things to do to get out of the house, so your winter in Detroit isn’t just spent moping around the house.



audience and stage lights


Since 1926, guests have been enjoying what is said to be the biggest masonic temple around the world. Never been? Take a tour! It’s the best way to get to know the attraction. These three areas are known as the Shrine Club, ritualistic tower, and auditorium. Historic Detroit Masonic Temple tours are available on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 3:00 pm, 1st and 3rd Fridays at 7:00 pm during the months of July and August. Keep up with shows on their calendar. Why not enjoy a performance from a singer you love right inside one of the finest visiting spots in Detroit? Located at 500 Temple St, Detroit, MI 48201, United States.



Winter in Detroit means getting out to go inside special buildings. Immerse yourself in the Motown magic that put Detroit artists at the top of the pop charts with a tour of the Motown Museum. End the hour-long tour on an incredible note as you get special access to the Motown recording studio, where countless classic soul songs were recorded. You’ll also get to see where Motown Records founder Berry Gordy resided. The music history in Detroit is well-known, but not everyone gets to see the behind-the-scenes of its origins. Days of operation vary based on the season. Click HERE for tour info. Located at 2648 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208


Winter In Detroit: 5 Things to Do to Get Excited About Going Out 1



Coffee gets a good majority of the population up in the morning. Take yourself out of your usual go-to if you’re up for something different. A steaming cup of coffee with the ground bean aroma soothes the agitating chill of winter in Detroit. Stop in at a specialty Detroit coffee shop like  Narrow Way Cafe in the Livernois Fashion District for a trendy taste made from the true Detroit community. Madcap Coffee in downtown Detroit is a Michigan staple for ethically sourced, fancy brews. Lastly, cozy on up in Cairo Coffee near Eastern Market.



You don’t have to go too out there to enjoy winter in Detroit. Detroit Riverfront is a wide-open space many know and love. The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy has done its part to help keep enhancing the beautify of the area. Sure, the weather may still be below freezing, but a little sun makes a big difference. Sun or not, long walks surrounded by nature are worth it. They even have outdoor fitness events like Polar Fitness with Urban Solace and Hustle Fitness both on January 22. The Riverfront Conservancy helps make winter in Detroit an active one for everyone. Located at 588 Jefferson Ct, Detroit, MI 48207, United States.



breakfast at a restaurant


Grab a friend and order comfort foods at some of the best brunch spots in Detroit. Stop in at the Clique Restaurant on Jefferson Ave for a quick plate of pancakes or scrambled eggs with hashbrowns. If you’re looking for a superb sandwich, try Louie’s Ham & Corned Beef in the Eastern Market, which offers what the name suggests. Go with a group to La Dolce Vita on Woodward for a fancier treat. They have live music, exceptional cocktails, bottomless mimosas, and delicious french toast.


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