5 Bold Plant-Based Detroit Food Spots You Should Try This Year

Plant-Based Detroit Food Places Diversify the Food Scene and Enhance the Culture


New year, new health goals, right? The growth of plant-based Detroit food options welcomes a wider crowd to the city. Finding places for plant-based foods isn’t as tricky as it was just a few years ago. A lot of people are coming to realize the benefits and satisfaction of meals that have little to no animal products.

Meatless and dairy-free foods don’t necessarily mean healthy if it’s heavily processed. Each of these plant-based food businesses in Detroit is conscious of providing fresh, organic, naturally-sourced ingredients. Detroit’s culture is really sensed through the diverse foods bringing the community together.

Detroiters should at least get to know the first spot on the list because it’s new! Check out this list of just a few of the many Plant-based food Detroit spots taking part in the holistic lifestyle change.



Aratham Gourmet To Go


On Thursday, January 20 Aratham Gourmet To Go announced the Grand Opening in Downtown Detroit on Monday, January 24, 2022.  Located in Bedrock’s historic Chrysler House  (719 Griswold Suite #100).  Be one of the first to grab a bite at Aratham. The plant-based Detroit eatery specializes in organic, naturally derived foods rotating lunch, dinner, catering, and fresh snack options. They offer utritious plant-based Detroit foods as well as natural supplements, candles, soaps, and more.  Located in Bedrock’s historic Chrysler House  (719 Griswold Suite #100).



Street Beet is a 100% vegan food pop-up based in Detroit, Michigan created by duo Nina Paletta and Meghan Shaw. On the fence about “fake meat” alternatives? Street Beet will confuse your tastebuds in the best way possible. A hot “chicken” sandwich or their Infamous Bowl could entice you to return on the regular. Dine-in  The Detroit winter doesn’t have to keep you from accessing a variety of delicious, wholesome foods. Learn more about the co-founders lighting up the vegan food scene in Detroit HERE as well as our other Detroitisit feature.  They’re open for curbside pickup, takeout, and dine-in. Located inside of Third Street Bar 4626 3rd Ave. Detroit, MI 48201.



loaded french fries


Detroiters are known for their hearty soul foods, but also the signature Coney dog! Enjoy a hearty chili-covered Coney dog at Chili Mustard Onions. Nothing says plant-based food Detroit like a regional Coney dog. The  Coney Island menu is packed with fully loaded hot dogs, Chik’un Parm Subs, and a special Big Mock beefless burger. The perfect place to order foods that leave a mess on your face like loaded fries with their house-made Cheeze sauce, Bacun Bits, and Tofutti sour cream. Behind the fun food, the restaurant takes great pride in serving up dishes that are sustainably sourced and organic. Located at 3411 Brush St Detroit, MI 48201.



vegan tacos


Looking for a little Southwest flavor to spice up these chilly months?  Rocky’s Road Brew in the heart of Southwest Detroit has the best vegan tacos in town. Plant-based food Detroit options can get boring if you’re always getting the same things. Explore all of the flavors bursting from each taco. The vegan chicken tacos are stuffed with shredded jackfruit marinated in a delicious salsa verde while the plant-based fish tacos feature fried banana blossoms topped with mango pico de gallo and a drizzle of house-made chipotle sauce. Quench your thirst with their coffee truck.



Stay grounded this winter with lots of earthy flavors complemented by heat-inducing sauces and toppings. Many of these plant-based Detroit options are all vegan, but this one includes a little bit of everything. Try a Winter Roots salad with shaved root vegetables coconut milk, and Thai chilies followed by a rice noodle dish like Lad Na, stir-fried with wild mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, and mushroom gravy. Plenty of cocktail and wine options to savor. Leave room for their famous vegan ice cream served with sides of mango puree dulce de leche, and almond crumb. Located at 2520 Michigan avenue Corktown Detroit, MI 48216.


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