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5 Praised Burger Spots in & Around Detroit to Try a More Unique Bite

A Round of Applause For Burgers that Locals & the State Love!


Did you show up for the 8th Annual Burger Battle at Eastern Market this past June 25, 2023? The Detroit community, foodies, chefs, food critics, and local celebrities gather each year to crown Burger Battle Champion Detroit 2023. Now the Midwest knows where the best is! The event provided samples from over 15 of metro Detroit’s top restaurant competing restaurants. In case you missed this tasty event and are in the mood for a perfect summer burger outing, then check out what’s cooking with this list of praised burger spots in and around Detroit.

Whether you like them stacked, a classic Cheeseburger, just a few sliders, something culturally-specific, something more health-conscious or more like a sandwich, or something outrageously gooey and flavorful, you’ll find burgers in Detroit and beyond that are redefining the traditional taste.

Detroitisit rounded up a hot list of praiseworthy burger spots in Detroit and the Greater Detroit area that you’ll have to see for yourself.


cuban inspired street food at frita batidos in detroit



You’re looking at the back-to-back winners of Eastern Market’s Burger Battle (2017 & 2018). If you haven’t heard of Frita Batidos or tasted their burgers, you’ll want to after hearing their accolades. Voted Best Burger by Michigan Daily Readers each year from 2014-2022, Best Fast Casual Hour Detroit Magazine, and Metro Times Best Cuban Restaurant 2020 and Best Burger 2021, you can guarantee an exceptional meal with Cuban-inspired street food. Detroit takes pride in its diversity, so it’s no surprise Detroiters have found delight in the Detroit location.  Enjoy a tropical salad during the summer with Vegetarian Black Bean Frita and or Vegan Loaded Plantains. Click HERE to view the Frita Batidos website. Frita Batidos also has an Ann Arbor location.

Frita Batidos Detroit is located at 66 W. Columbia, Detroit


Burger spots in Detroit pull inspiration from all over while adding their own signature touch. The “L.A Bacon Burger” has landed perfectly in Hamtramck (and now Warren, MI) and it’s going to land even better on your taste buds! This is a prime joint if you’re looking for more of a “fast-food”/diner experience. This In-N-Out style halal restaurant is serving up delicious burgers, fries, and shakes. Not to mention, the burgers have their own secret recipe and sauce. Go ahead and get gorilla fries too! Click HERE to view their menu.

Location: 12045 Conant St., Hamtramck



Detroit is about community, which can often feel like family. Burger spots in Detroit know how to serve with a family mindset. Since 2014, La Jaliscience Mercado has been a family business with excellent service and authentic, distinct Mexican flavors. This Southwest Detroit gem is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious burger that looks and tastes different than your average. Try La Jalisciense’s Pambazo. The mighty Pambazo consists of  Telera bread deep fried in chile sauce with lettuce, fresh cheese and sour cream. Meat options Mexican sausage with potato, and chicken. What could be better than sandwich bread dipped in hot sauce and fried? Click HERE to view the rest of their sizzling menu.

Location: 3923 Vernor Hwy, Detroit

Jojos ShakeBAR



Several of these burger spots have already built up their recognition through the years, but they all have to start somewhere. Have you been to Jojo’s Shake Bar Detroit? Groove back in time for this 80s and 90s-themed diner that  opened in Downtown Detroit last fall. This would be a fun first date spot this summer! You’ll be snapping pics of these colorful bouquet-like creations of this original Illinois-based bar. Modern Detroit merges with the best of throwback food and entertainment. The menu consists of decadent milkshakes that you can enjoy with signature entrees include Smash Burger, honey-fried chicken sandwich, JoJo’s loaded fries, overstuffed sandwiches, and chicken pot pie. Click HERE to view their website.

Location: 88 W Columbia St. Detroit



Detroit has no doubt transformed the Angus Beef & American Cheese on a classic cheeseburger, but there are several other cultural takes on what flavors can be infused into the entire burger as well. The best burger spots in Detroit and the rest of Michigan don’t necessarily have to have “burger” in the name or as a main menu item for it to be worth celebrating. Grilled food is popular during the summer months. At The Butcher’s Grille, you can expect freshly grilled kabobs, burgers, steaks and more! You could go for their signature burger or explore the Mushroom Swiss Burger or the Lebanese Burger,  Click HERE to view their website for more exceptional Halal, Middle Eastern food.

Location: 22713 Michigan Ave, Dearborn


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