If you want to avoid anything about Star Wars: The Last Jedibefore seeing it, we suggest turning back now before you read too much. 

The newest installment of “A galaxy far, far away’ was released yesterday, and let me tell you – people have some feelings, and not all of them are positive.

‘The Last Jedi’ is being accused by some die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fans as “too funny.” And while we can see their argument, we have to wonder, “Do you people not like fun?”

The film brings us to where we left off with Rey standing on the hill with Luke Skywalker, outstretching the lightsaber to his grasp. We’ve got Finn back on a conscious plane, and Poe Dameron becoming a more pivotal character in the film’s plotline. And let’s not forget, Carrie Fisher‘s final performance, which was powerful, as well as emotional, especially when the credits rolled to show that the film was dedicated to her.

With some new characters like ship engineer Rose being added to the mix, as well as Luke battling his demons with Kylo Ren, we’re able to see a ton of character growth, which is what you need with a film bridging a gap between episodes.

Some of the arguments that fans are making illustrate that Disney‘s newest format of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is leaning toward a Marvel Studios-like-approach, adding humor into the dialogue to break up some of the more dramatic scenes, which cause some viewers to feel that ‘The Last Jedi’ comes off more slapstick than a “Sci-Fi Space Drama.”

Considering the fact that these batches of films come in three’s, there are a lot of comparable patterns that we can see inside ‘The Last Jedi’ that could be on par with ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ Being that the film is a middle-film in the series, bridging episodes 7 and 9, this is all to be expected, and quite frankly, is noticeable.

And while quite a few people view this as a qualm, it is within my expertise as a ‘Star Wars’ purist, one that does not partake in LucasFilm‘s atrocious prequels, that ‘The Last Jedi’ holds it’s own in the franchise and is a great bridge into what will be the great battle between The First Order and The Resistance.

Yes, I’ve already bought another ticket to see the film.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is in theatres now.