“I think that the most important thing a woman can have—next to talent, of course—is her hair dresser.’

—Joan Crawford

Detroit Blows is important to us.

We love having other people wash and style our hair. We love non-toxic lunch break manicures. We love their mission to support Detroit-based female entrepreneurs. And because we have strong earth influence in our charts, we especially love their selection of home and body care products. In a market saturated with much of the same, we salute our girlfriends at Detroit Blows for turning us onto some new things like Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil or California based line Osea for our face — everything in the line is solid. In fact, everything in this space from the lighting to the art on the walls is worth taking in. Kinda makes you wish the makeup sessions or blowouts weren’t so time efficient.   

In this Mother’s Day edition of ‘Tips for a Life Well Lived,’ we’ve asked Katy and Nia to share their favorite tips and ingredients. And remember, there is a mother in each of us. Go ahead, show her some love.  

Together We RISE 

We are an extension of our beliefs and aim to partner with like-minded, mission-driven brands and activists like the powerful ladies behind the Women’s March movement. We give this book a quick read whenever we need a reminder of just how much of an impact women make in the world.  


Our Shinola record player. Sometimes you just need a good dance and who better to do that with than Donna Summer? Bad Girls. We’re all about the classics!  

Osea Antiaging Body Balm and Undaria Argan Oil 

Skincare isn’t just about beauty, it’s about well-being. Osea’s products are 100% vegan, natural, organic, and non-toxic and the anti-aging body balm provides hydration and a silky feeling finish. Major bonus: all of their products are made with bioavailable skin superfoods that eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients and our fav, the Undaria Argan Oil, not only delivers a plump and youthful glow but smells amazing—which gives us all the good feels. 


Tenoverten’s The Rose Oil  

We love this non-toxic cuticle oil. It delivers long-term moisture and nurtures both your nails and skin. Its complex blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is known to refine skin texture and treat redness, that makes it a no-brainer. 

Bloom Where You are Planted 

For more than Insta inspo, we firmly believe in the premise of these words. They speak to our being firmly planted in our hometown of Detroit and to creating opportunity here in the city we love.


We love a warm welcome with flowers and, for this reason, we keep a picture of flowers on our host desk. It keeps the spring vibes going even when the Michigan weather makes it hard to imagine warmer days. 

Soma Water Bottles 

Drinking water has many long-term benefits for healthy skin and nails. Keep a chic, sustainable bottle with you as a reminder to stay hydrated. 

Wish Paper 

Flying wish paper gives you the chance to get your special wishes out into the universe. Think of a wish then “write it, light it, and watch it fly.”  

Small Brass Bowls from Rose & Fitzgerald 

The perfect home for your palo santo and lavender bundles. Rose and Fitz is a brand that, like Blows, thinks global and acts local. Their artisan-made home goods are woven into our decor and make for a nice, minimalist add to any home. 

Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil 

The weightless blend of natural oils means instant radiance for healthy hair. The best part? It’s a proprietary blend of coconut oil, apricot and kukui without any of the harmful silicones found in most frizz-taming, shine-boosting products.