Welcome to 2019! New Year. New You. Not really. Same You. Which is good. Because if you’re reading this, we like you. The point is we have some tips for 2019: places and habits that keep us fresh in body, mind and spirit. Imagine: fewer hangovers and milder panic attacks.

There’s a lot of sweating. A lot. Plus hella juice—the green kind—and we end with dessert. The downside is you might have to drive because, unfortunately, not all the things we love our in the city proper. But if LA has taught us anything, it’s that the future is sprawl! *Sigh*

2019 goal: everything in one place.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Consider it the start of a conversation. We share our favorites. You share yours. And we’ll publish updates throughout the year.


Boyd Beauty

Whether you need a mini facial or a facelift, Dr Boyd has you covered. Admittedly I haven’t had cosmetic surgery since rhinoplasty at 20, but I would let Dr Boyd do anything to my face. That man looks like he takes his own advice. Did I mention facials? Boyd has their own line of skincare products too.

Located across The TEN Nail Bar, downtown Detroit, it’s the perfect recipe for a lavish afternoon.

Tips: 2019

Dr Boyd of Boyd Beauty

Alchemy Henna

Henna. The original temporary tattoo. It’s what Alchemy founder, artist and esthetician Monique Herzog is most known for. In fact, if you’ve ever been to a DIY craft fair in Detroit, chances are you’ve spotted her mobile gypsy wagon.

Her Ferndale studio and other services are something of a lesser known fact—and you’re all missing out. I don’t want to say Monique’s facials are the best, but they might be. If you’re into a warm massage bed, homemade tinctures and crystal infused everything you’ve found your bliss. Bonus: cucumber hydrosol.


Sound Bath: Affordable Healing For The Masses 

On NYE I spent eight hours on a floor with strangers immersed in gong sounds while being sprayed with flower essences. At midnight there were whale sounds, but I don’t really recall. I do recall my vivid dreams. In the morning there was pie and coffee.

F&*k a millennial with some crystal bowls. Unless they’re playing at the Integratron. Christopher Davis of Sacred Gong Immersions has been a practicing healer since people were smoking in restaurants. This place is a gem.

Weekly sessions are an hour long and end with chocolate. Buy your tickets here.

Tips: 2019

Affordable Healing for the Masses

Float Tank: True REST Float Spa

Float tanks were once called sensory deprivation tanks and astronauts used them to train. Since their inception however long ago, they’ve updated the design and changed the name because obviously. There are lots to say, but here are the two most important facts:

  1. You can crack the lid if you’re claustrophobic. This is not astronaut training. The scary factory is exaggerated by people who want to seem cooler or tougher than they are.
  2. 1,00O pounds of Epson salt leaves your skin feeling AMAZING. The first time I went I was literally sweating salt for hours.


Meta Physica Wellness Center

How do infrared saunas work? It’s a dry sauna—I know that—which means if you spill your water on the wooden bench, it evaporates in like two minutes. I also know that you can adjust the temperature on an ipad which also controls the sound.

People have extraordinary claims to make about infrared. Some of them really extraordinary. I won’t speak to the science—any of it, ever—but it is my personal cure for everything. Stressed out? Feeling under the weather? Feeling good? Sauna. Check. Check. Check.

If you’re a secret recluse, you’ll appreciate the fact that for $30, you can have an entire sauna to yourself. All rooms are equipped with color changing lights and an immersive speaker system.

Other offerings include a recently added juice bar.

Tips: 2019

Meta Physica massage room

The Schvitz

Forget everything you’ve heard about the Schvitz. Everything. Except the steak dinners and the Purple Gang and the ONE man who dug the entire pool himself. And the hidden mikvah. A hidden mikvah is something to remember.

Out of an acute fear of small places and basements, I avoided the Schvitz for a long time. And then I met the salt room. Then wet sauna. Dry sauna again. Cold, cold dipping pool. And dinner.

Take an evening. Spend it at the Schvitz. Detroit, this is special.



Unless they get rid of the glass bottles, there will never be another juicery for me. If I say there is, it’s because someone is paying me.


Detroit Foundation Hotel 

I don’t know how people survived in Detroit before the influx of fancy hotels. Especially on holidays when most places are closed. Where did they go to eat dessert in their slippers and sip coffee with almond milk? Which is what I did on New Year’s Day. And the playlist Peter Shin made was playing, and I am so ready for anything.

Dessert + Luxury + Soundtrack by Peter Shin = A Good Year.

Tips: 2019

Detroit Foundation Hotel Lobby

The Shinola Hotel

During the press tour of the Shinola Hotel the guide was going on about the ability to remotely control the blinds and it was like “OK. The Aria in Vegas did that in 2009.” No harm. The views are spectacular and haters be damned, who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a J. Crew catalogue—I mean a Shinola storefront? Those blankets are nice.

And good bedding is key to good sleep which is key to good living.

Anyway, it’s the common spaces where the action’s act. The have a better permanent art collection than MOCAD—JK. MOCAD doesn’t have a permanent collection!—and there’s a basement cocktail room that feels like a ship.

Samantha from Playground swears by the wood fired pizza at San Morello.