LadyMonix is a Detroit based producer and DJ known for turning out dance floors from LA to London with her deep disco and house sets. She’s played the swankiest of nightclubs to the darkest warehouse after-hours. Ask her about that time with Prince.

Her latest productions include a remix out on Love What You Feel for Preslav’s “Watch Your Step” limited 12” and a remix for Rocksteady Disco’s “Remixes Rarities & Vips Vol 1” 12”.

She’s recently launched her own label, Frizner Electric, which will house her first EP to be released May 2018.

Upate: She is now accepting preorders for her new EP, BC I WANT TO. Click here to preview.

Courtney Henriette: If I’m not mistaken, you grew up around dance music. What was the soundtrack?

LadyMonix: I grew up in Baltimore, and my favorite radio station was (possibly
still is) 92Q. In elementary school I used to stay up on the weekends recording all those late night club mixes to tape. Yeah I still have them! They would play classic Baltimore Club music (à la Miss Tony, Rod Lee, etc.) and what’s now classic house like Hardrive “Deep Inside,” Aly-Us “Follow Me,” and Cajmere “Percolator.” I grew up thinking those were strictly B-more tunes but little did I know they were opening me up to a whole world of house music. When those mixes weren’t on, you could easily find me in my room belting out all the lyrics to any and all Deee-lite songs. Lady Miss Kier has been a most formative inspiration for me.

CVh: Was music always the thing in your life? Did you have another pursuit?

LM: Music, always. There were times I veered off the path as a young person
trying to figure it out does that to you, but its always been the one true source of direction in my life.

CVh: You’ve lived in LA for many years. How did that city shape you musically and otherwise?

LM: LA opened me to a whole new dance scene that I didn’t get to experience in Baltimore. The underground house scene out there that I was fortunate enough to dance in was a warm and soulful place. Parties like Deep, Kiss-n-Grind, Rhonda, and The Lift fulfilled all my disco/house dreams while weekly parties like Funkmosphere schooled me on boogie & funk. All those parties have are a piece of me and my story that I try to share w my dance floor.

CVh: How did you know it was time to leave? And what brought you to Detroit?

LM: A few factors brought me here, but mainly the need for change. There’s
a certain bubble you live in when in a giant city like that, and I was craving some normalcy and quiet. Detroit presented itself and I went for it.

CVh: What keeps you in Detroit?

LM: Kind people, my quiet neighborhood, and the most gorgeous music scene
on the planet.

CVh: Tell us about your label, Frizner Electric.

LM: I started this as a means to release my own music. But the name holds an extremely sentimental meaning. My dad (who passed quite some time ago) had his own electrical contracting biz. The label name is a derivative of his company name, as well as the logo. He was quite the party animal and my parents loved having parties at our house blasting all kinds of disco. The label name is in honor of him, much like everything I do.

CVh: Making your own music has been something you’ve been working towards for years. You’re about to release your first EP. How’s it feel? What’s the future?

LM: It feels incredible!! To finally finish any piece of art you pour your heart and time into is no small feat. The future holds many more releases from myself, and who knows, perhaps some other artists who want to join me along the way!

CVh: I imagine it can be intimidating setting out to make music when your profession is being a curator of great music. What advice would you give others who might be searching for the confidence to start producing?

LM: There’s no time like now. Get out of your own way, don’t doubt what you’ve got, and make that shit happen.

CVh: Prince or Michael Jackson?

LM: How dare you…

CVh: If you had to give up eating one food group for the rest of your life, what would it be: cheese or bread?

LM: I’m sorry, what kind of pizza will then be offered? No thank you.

CVh: Favorite venue to play? Real or imagined.

LM: Temple Bar for GRACE (every 4th Friday). Duh.

Join LadyMonix at Temple Bar Friday, March 23rd, as she celebrates one year of her monthly, Grace.