What’s more fun than the brand new 2020 Ford Escape? Driving it. To celebrate the launch of the new compact SUV, we’ve ask a few Detroit friends to share their favorite escapes—as well as their favorite escapes from Detroit. Because sometimes flying is cool too.

Takeaway: If this was a competition, Belle Isle would win.

Detroit Escapes

Philip Kafka (& The Sabah Dealer)

Philip Kafka

Occupation? Businessman. 

What keeps you in Detroit? The work. 

Favorite Detroit escape? The Continental Plant – Kercheval and Algonquin. 

Favorite escape from Detroit? Tel Aviv.  



Stevie Baka

Detroit Escapes

Stevie Baka

Occupation? Community Store Manager at Arts & Scraps. 

What keeps you in Detroit? The long-standing community paired with new growth. 

Favorite Detroit escape? The Belle Isle queer beach.   

Favorite escape from Detroit? The Olympic National Forest.  




Detroit Escapes

Aaron Mondry

Aaron Mondry 

Occupation: Editor, Curbed Detroit. 

What keeps you in Detroit? The people. Detroit has the warmest, most engaged residents of any city I’ve visited or lived in. 

Favorite Detroit escape? Eliza Howell Park. It’s a little slice of the U.P. in Detroit. There are parts of the park where you can completely forget that you’re in a city. 

Favorite escape from Detroit? Nearby: The Arboretum in Ann Arbor. Though it’s more crowded than Eliza Howell, it’s bigger with varied terrain and beautiful scenery.

Further away: Anywhere in the U.P. or even the Canadian side of Lake Superior. Michigan has under-appreciated wilderness settings that are fairly accessible with a little planning. 

Detroit Escapes

Gabrielle Poshadlo

Gabrielle Poshadlo 

Occupation? Director of Communications, Bedrock 

What keeps you in Detroit? Nearly too many factors to list! Family, moderately-priced record stores, hometown pride, opportunity, amazing architecture, the French fries at Queen’s Bar… 

Favorite Detroit escape? It’s a solid tie between an evening at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and dive bar karaoke. 

Favorite escape from Detroit? My folks bought a rustic log cabin in the Upper Peninsula when I was seven years old, and it’s been my favorite place on Earth ever since—even though at the time I was upset we weren’t going to Disney World. That place brought our family closer together and taught me the virtues of living off the grid (there are MANY). 


Detroit Escapes

Jenenne Whitfield

Jenenne Whitfield

Occupation? President, Heidelberg Project 

What keeps you in Detroit? The Passion of its people. 

Favorite Detroit escape? The lighthouse at Belle Isle.  

Favorite escape from Detroit? The heavens of my mind. 






Ruben Cardenas 

Detroit Escapes

Ruben Cardenas

Occupation? Owner of B_KS@ a rotating & curated selection of books, Magazines, & printed matter. 

What keeps you in Detroit? The Possibility of Doing! 

Favorite Detroit escape? Any outdoor patio during the baddest time of the year—summer! 

Favorite escape from Detroit? Mexico City for its Beauty & Brutality. 



Detroit Escapes

Nika Jusufi

Nika Jusufi 

Occupation? Real Estate Agent 

What keeps you in Detroit? I’ve always been drawn to the creative energy. The arts, the architecture, the music (especially jazz & techno). But selling real estate here has opened up my mind to a new world, and it’s become addicting. Each day, I learn more about the city’s rich history, its beautiful neighborhoods, the hidden gems, the people that live here and their amazing stories. Detroit’s not perfect, it’s real and I love that.  

Favorite Detroit escape? Belle Isle. I like to sit at Sunset Point and reflect while looking at the city. If I’m lucky I get to catch a ship passing through.  

Favorite escape from Detroit?  In state: Grand Haven’s Rosy Mound Trail, it’s short but sweet and leads to the beach. Out of state: New York City- but I’m long overdue for a trip! 

Ford Escape 2020 Details – Completely redesigned new 2020 Escape best offers four new propulsion choices including two all-new hybrids; standard hybrid targets best-in-class EPA-estimated range of more than 550 miles; plug-in hybrid targets a best-in-class EPA-estimated pure-electric range of 30+ miles. Ford’s smartest-ever small SUV features new selectable drive modes and Ford Co-Pilot360TM driver-assist technology; available features include a 12.3-inch all-digital instrument cluster, a first-for-Ford in North America heads-up display and first-in-class driver-assist features Active Park Assist 2.0 and Evasive Steering Assist.