Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Announces Another Mayoral Run in 2021

Joined by State and Local Leaders, Mike Duggan Announced his Run for a Third-Term as Detroit’s Mayor


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is formally running for a third term as mayor of the Motor City. Making his announcement, the mayor was joined by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, city leaders such as Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and community leaders such as Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Reverend of Fellowship Chapel, Dr. Wendell Anthony.

Alexis Wiley, the former chief of staff for Duggan, will be leading his reelection campaign and shared that Duggan has focused heavily on jobs, housing and COVID-19 over the past few months. Commenting that, Duggan helped lead the city through some of the worst months of the pandemic, with Detroit going from one of the nation’s hotspots to an area where the virus spread was lower than it’s surrounding areas for some time.

The announcement saw support from speakers such as former health office director and progressive 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Abdul El-Sayed. Despite past criticisms of Duggan, Sayed seems to have made a 180 from his views in the past, as he spoke out in support of his reelection.

“Mayor Duggan and I haven’t always agreed. We have clear disagreements on the way we approach our politics. But Mayor Duggan, from the day we began working together, proved to me that public health is one of his primary concerns,” shared Sayed in a video statement. “This week, we took a big step forward, Mayor Duggan reaffirmed his commitment to public health when we came together to announce the intention to end water shutoffs in the city of Detroit. This is a critical step to a vibrant, healthier Detroit, and I’m proud to support him in ensuring that no Detroiter goes without access to clean, potable drinking water, especially in this moment.”

Also speaking in support of Duggan’s reelection was Govoner Gretchen Whitmer, who praised the mayor’s COVID-19 response in a video address.

“This year has been full of unprecedented challenges. But, despite all of these challenges, I count myself as so fortunate to have had the constant partnership of Mayor Duggan throughout the entirety of this pandemic,” shared Whitmer. “From the very onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Duggan has been someone that I can rely on to get the job done. Even when I couldn’t rely on leaders in Washington, I knew that we had a leader here in our biggest city, ready to work with me and deliver for the people of Detroit.”

Speaking himself after the comments from his supporters, Duggan shared, “Big city mayors last one term, maybe two because of the strain of the job these days. Politics is so rough, so brutal it beats them down. But you’ve made this job a joy, and I still want to come to work every single day.”

The announcement can be watched below and further updates will come following the completion of the announcement event.

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