Detroitisit: As 2018 comes to an end, we’re taking a time for reflection upon another plentiful year. It will forever be remembered as the year of Pink Cadillacs, where we bid farewell to an icon, Aretha Franklin as well as other, and perhaps no less loved, symbols of this city’s strength and history such as the beloved community mural, the African Amalgamation of Ubiquity. Not all things lost can be replaced nor given new life.

Yet, thankfully, some can.

We close out this, our first year. Like the new restaurants, hotels and entrepreneurs growing beside us, we hope to be around for years to come—to shine a light on the city we love; its growth and victories as well as its challenges and history. For in the midst of such change and excitement, we must remember to pay our respects to a city whose cultural richness has roots that, often hidden or overlooked, grow deep and strong.

With the opening of the Shinola hotel, we celebrate the history of the four downtown buildings and the lives lived inside of them before this new chapter. We celebrate our first year and all those who shared their stories with us in the knowledge that these roots are far more powerful and complex than we will ever understand.

Thank you for sharing your city and your year with us.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite editorial moments.

In peaceful greetings for an abundant and thoughtful new year—

Detroit in Review: 2018

African Amalgamation of Ubiquity Mural pieces

A Mural Lost To History: “African Amalgamation of Ubiquity” 

Year in Review: 2018

The Not So Secret Lives of the Sex Trafficked

Year in Review: 2018

Bill Ford Jr.

Ford Motor Co. is Redeveloping Detroit

Year in Review: 2018

Daniel Claudill Creative Director of Shinola

Chit Chat: Daniel Caudill, Creative Director of Shinola

Detroit in Review

Jason Yates, Art

Chit Chat: Los Angeles Artist Jason Yates is from Detroit

Detroit in Review

Ms. Aretha Franklin

Detroit Sounds: Larry Mongo on Aretha Franklin

Year in Review: 2018

GM CEO Mary Barra

Is the Auto Show We Know in Trouble?