My Dream BIG Conference at The Motor City Casino

EVENT: My BIG Dream Club Invites You to Meet the City’s Most Inspiring Leaders

My Dream BIG Conference

Dreaming isn’t just for dreamers. Power couple Seun and Omonye Phillips started My Dream Big Club to share insights and create community around goal building and accountability. What started as a passion project to share resources and insights from friends and collogues with the broader community has transformed into a membership-based organization that has touched over 1,000 individuals since its inception.  

My Dream BIG Club

My Dream BIG Club

Twice monthly members and non-members take make time and space to talk dreams and goals in unique and engaging ways. Like the Dream Manifestation Board Party. Which sounds fluffy until you look at the overwhelming turnout rates. Meetings once hosted in member’s homes have spilled out to larger spaces like the public library and WeWork.  

Soon they’ll be gathering in their biggest space yet. This inaugural My Dream BIG Conference goes down THIS Saturday, September 14th,  at the Motor City Casino, featuring a keynote speech and performance by America’s Got Talent FInalist, Kechi Okwuchi as well as sessions of Chris Lambert of Life Remodeled and Gwinne Jimmere of Naturalicious & MANY MORE. 

Curious? Confused? Dip your toes in the water here and prepare to DIVE DEEP.  

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