Astronomy at the Beach 2018

Astronomy at the Beach is a two-night annual event bringing together amateur and professional astronomers and science educators to share our love of space and astronomy with the public.

On both Friday and Saturday nights, from 6 PM until midnight, we’ll dazzle your eyes with views of the Moon, Saturn, and more, and expand your mind with presentations about many aspects of popular astronomy.

Please note that this year we are at Kent Lake Beach in the Island Lake State Recreation area. (Up until last year, we met across the highway at Kensington Metropark.) For most metro Detroiters, it will be a shorter drive! Simply go south on Kensington Road from I-96, then make a left on Kent Lake Beach Road almost as soon as you enter the park. (Google Maps calls the site “Island Lake Picnic Grounds”.)

Learn more: https://www.glaac.org/astronomy-at-the-beach/


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