Investment Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Join us for a two part serise on Investment Strateies for Entrerpreneurs. During this first session our guest teacher will go over some of the variety of investments you can make for yourself and your business. You’ll learn the following

How do I create and manage a financial plan?

Why is it beneficial for entrepreneurs to invest?

What type of investment accounts do entrepreneurs use?

What do I invest in as an entrepreneur?

How should my investments be managed?

About the Speaker

Danell is a husband, father, son, brother and uncle. His career as a financial advisor began in 2017 with Raymond James & Associates at the Auburn Hills branch. Danell’s practice focuses on helping individuals, families and entrepreneurs create a financial plan that will aid them in achieving their personal financial goals
– which usually include retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, risk management and liability management.

Raymond James was Danell’s firm of choice when deciding to pursue financial advising as a career because of its philosophy on the financial planning process. Raymond James’ client-first approach matches Danell’s financial planning process, which implements four phases: discovery, clarity, strategy and management. This is an ongoing process that allows Danell to understand his clients’ needs and concerns as their circumstances change. “Success favors those who have a plan,” said Danell.

Being a former fitness professional and gym owner, Danell is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys being active. Along
with his wife, he routinely serves as a youth leader at his local church. Danell is very motivated to help improve
the financial and physical health of everyone he comes in contact with. It is through many life experiences lived
and witnessed that he understands the importance of financial literacy and planning. “My goal is to help create life legacies of health, wealth and prosperity,” said Danell.

The financial world is ever-evolving in technology, regulation and opportunity and Danell continues to be
ever-evolving in his understanding and application of those changes.


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