Marble Bar & Sampled pres. Derek Plaslaiko + Chuck Daniels

Friday, March 23rd

Marble Bar & Sampled present: can you dance to my b3at?

Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker New York – Detroit/Berlin)
Chuck Daniels (Sampled Recordings Detroit – Detroit)

On January 30 1999 a party was produced that was inducted into the dance music history books forever it was a party out of the norm for its time in Detroit. Rave kids in Detroit were not really into the Deep Chicago house sound and it wasn’t the typical rave music for the ever so popular Techno sound of Detroit. But taking chance is what Chuck has always been about and with faith in Quality ingredients his hope of the out come of something delicious was enough to inspire him to do something different. He knew he had to do something different and exciting to attract a crowd that maybe wasn’t so familiar with the talent he loved. The production was next level bringing in custom lighting designed for the space including a custom truss built to surround the dance floor. A full concert sound system was installed by non other than Michael Fotias and Brian Johnson with no corners being cut bringing in all the sound they had which at that time was a 6 figure EAW rig that provided sound for more historic parties in Detroit that can be counted. Large production for parties back in the day was not unheard of but this one was something special. The Ballroom used was on the 3rd floor with no elevators so the equivalent of a Semi truck of gear was all carried up flights of stairs including about 100 cinder blocks to make a sturdy dj booth able to accommodate a 3-turntable DJ booth. Unfortunately the party was invaded by Detroit police at 11 o’clock before it started with over 500 kids in line waiting to get in Detroit gang squad came in deeming the party over but by some miraculous situation an elderly lady of the semi suburbia neighborhood dropped in yelling at police accusing them of racial profiling and an unfairness. The police left but informed us the next shift would be coming around to make sure we had not gone through with the show. By about 11:30 the police returned and told us that we were able to go on with the party but to keep things down and to have a nice day. It was some miraculous stroke of luck that the party went on and fortunately it did. The party went on without a hitch opening sounds were provided by Derek Plaslaiko one of our favorite DJs from back in the day and still one of our favorites. After that Derrick Carter and Mark Farina decided to do something that I had not seen before and was probably the start of what is now called the B2b although this was a bit different Derrick and Mark played hour for hour both in the booth at all times motivating and egging each other on to provide on of the most spectacular sets so far that I have ever seen them play. So many records were “broken” that night that we had all never heard before. The event ended up going till about five in the morning with about 1400 people dancing their ass off to deep house music which back in the day was quite unheard of at a Detroit rave, Techno, Breaks and even Jungle seemed to be the star at many parties in Detroit and it was rare to see a mass of young people dancing to unpretentious good ole house music. The event produced by Chuck Daniels was originally entitled to be co promoted by Dean major a.k.a. system but two weeks before the show they unfortunately got into a argument and Chuck was left with the sole responsibility of producing the event. Chuck had been involved and behind the scenes of many parties before this including the Infamous System parties but this was his first attempt on his own. Fortunately a few days before the event Chuck and Dean were able to reconcile their differences and were able to come together and promote the show.
Looking ahead many years later we decided it would be a great idea to commemorate the event and celebrate our beloved Detroit dance music community. We are very pleased and excited to have one of the original DJs from the event Derrick Plaslaiko and Chuck himself to provide a musical retrospect in hopes to share the music we heard that evening. We cannot tell you how excited we are to host this event and have the ability to continue to share this music with you. Please come join us, as we tend to provide an evening of unadulterated Quality dance music that will hopefully give you an idea on how we did things back in the day. It is our great pleasure to invite you to “Can you dance to my beat” a lyric taken from one of Derrick Carter’s remixes back in the day which the party was based on.

Indoor Event
Tickets available at www.residentadvisor.net
Doors at 9:00pm / 21+
The Marble Bar – 1501 Holden Street – Detroit, MI



Mar 23 2018 - Mar 24 2018


Marble Bar
1501 Holden St, Detroit, MI 48208, USA

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