Steve Lehman & Sélébéyone wsg Jamaal May

Opening Act: Detroit spoken-word artist Jamaal May

Though hip-hop and jazz are clearly no strangers to one another, Sélébéyone takes the conversation between jazz and hip-hop to “feverish new heights” (The WIRE), drawing from Senegalese rap, modern jazz, live electronics, and underground hip-hop to create a unique form of urban experimentalism.

Composer and saxophonist Steve Lehman, a “quietly dazzling saxophonist” (New York Times), has built a career creating innovative new music that packs a visceral wallop. He leads this international ensemble, which includes rappers HPrizm, a legend of New York’s underground hip-hop scene, and Gaston Bandimic, one of Senegal’s most distinctive young rap stars, in a unique hybrid that juxtaposes English and Wolof against changing meters and asymmetrical rhythms, giving rise to the development of a whole new musical universe. In Wolof, “sélébéyone” refers to an intersection, where two fixed entities meet and transform themselves into something previously unknown. “The international jazz-rap project Sélébéyone is a rare case of two genres mixing at their most far-out, abstract corners.” (Pitchfork)

More info: http://ums.org/performance/steve-lehman-selebeyone/


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