“Where could all these things, that were never meant to exist together, exist in harmony? Paradise. That’s where everything exists and harmonizes. It was an idea that would encapsulate anything, even things that had a complex or negative tone. There’s a pigeon in the show pooping. It doesn’t have to be the idea of paradise as beautiful all the time. It’s more of a real paradise where things just have to compromise and get together. “  

Location: Los Angeles, California 

On a trip to Detroit last summer, Artist Bryan Edgar sent a picture of him with his painter friends at the Hawkins Ferry House to Davida Nemeroff, who runs Night Gallery, like “let’s have a show.”  

Since the idea originated in Detroit, with Detroit friends, he figured he’d expand the party. Tyree Guyton was the first thought. The next was “not a chance.” After a handful of visits with Guyton and an awkward photo op, he agreed. 

Paradise also features work by Detroit artists Scott Reeder and James Benjamin Franklin + many others and is curated by Bryan Edgar and Adrianne Rubenstein. 

It closes this Saturday, Aug. 18 

Guyton fans rejoice in two upcoming shows at MOCAD: Thirty Years of Heidelberg, opening Friday, Sept. 7, followed by Process on Saturday, Oct. 13.