RV Mendoza “THAW(s)” Perception + Performance

His next performance of "THAW" is scheduled for Friday, January 19 at The Magic Stick.

So, let me tell you a little story about my pal RV Mendoza.

Anyone who’s ever met this human seems to have been taken aback and wondering what exactly they’ve witnessed because he’s that much of a force.

The first time I ever saw RV perform was in Flint Eastwood‘s Fisher Building Lobby Show, which was both stellar for the performers (Flint Eastwood, Tunde Olaniran, RV, SYBLYNG, LexLander and more). During this performance, I didn’t know anything about Mendoza or what he was capable of – and I remember finding myself in complete awe.

He stepped onto the stage, caped in the shadow of an umbrella, wearing black, and tapping heels that were way higher than I could ever manage, and he proceeded to give such a powerful performance, almost like a birth, showing you exactly who he was, inside and out. There was also confetti or glitter coming from fans that he was swinging, but that detail I don’t remember, mostly because I was sobbing at how beautiful it was.

Photo: Danya Ensing, Art Collage: Papier Tabloid

I determined I had to meet him at some point, and see as many performances as possible that he had because he was that moving and entertaining. So, a few months later at an event for Assemble Sound’s “Assemble U” series, I saw him talking to Jax (AKA Flint Eastwood), and I went to him to tell him how much of a visionary I thought he was. I was about to cry just thinking about telling him and he gave me a huge hug and said thank you for the kind words.

I’ve now watched him blossom even more into a performer than he already was, participating in the Motor City Pride Festival, as well as doing tour stops in Chicago, and speaking to people through videos, sharing his vision of the world. He gives so much of himself, as well as being an all-out Queen about things, which is both enlightening and hilarious.

Now that you know a little bit about what an astounding person he is as a performer, let us hear him tell you all it – in his own words.

DII: What got you interested in performing?


DII: You are prominent in the LGBTQ community, and you’re constantly talking about being yourself. What is your advice to other kids and adults that are in the community that are struggling with being themselves in this day and age?


DII: Where do you see your performances going? Are you looking to tour more eventually?


DII: What other shows do you have coming up, other than the show that you’ve got Friday?


DII: You use a lot of fans/props in your performances. When and how did you decide to start utilizing this?


DII: You walk better in heels than anyone I’ve ever seen – are there any tips you have for people to perfect their strut?


Upcoming Show @ The Magic Stick, January 19

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