From the Renaissance Center to the Hudson’s Site, Which One’s Taller?

Secret Detroit: Counting Up Detroit’s Tallest Skyscrapers Against the World’s Tallest Animal, the Giraffe

ren cen

In 1977 Star Wars breaks box office records, Elvis dies, and Michigan’s tallest building is erected, The Renaissance Center. The Ren Cen is seven connected spirals of skyscrapers and Michigan’s most elaborate maze. Getting lost in the spiral is a Detroiter’s rite of passage!  

At its highest point, the Ren Cen’s central tower is 750ft or approximately 46 sized average sized giraffes stacked upon each other—the giraffe being the world’s tallest animal.  

In 2017, Dan Gilbert & Friends broke ground on the Hudson’s site, to contain a skyscraper they claim will overshadow the Ren Cen by approximately ten giraffes. *

Now, if only someone would take on the Belle Isle Zoo because we love giraffes!  

From the Renaissance Center to the Hudson's Site, Which One's Taller? 1

*Or not. Since their original statement, it is unsure whether or not Bedrock will have enough girafes to make the claim “tallest building in Detroit.” Time will tell!

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